Charity Umbrella

Reflections on 2014.

As some of you may be aware, I donate my Android-based income to charity. Until earlier in 2014, this almost exclusively consisted of me paying for a local pre-school to take the kids out of the courtyard and into nature on a regular basis, so the kids might poke a stick at a tree, see a snail now and then, expand their horizons, get actual dirt under their nails and so on.

This institution, however, became privatized earlier this year, which meant that they were no longer limited by how public-sector operations are allowed to fund their activities. In brief, their opportunities for allocating existing budgets and raising extra funds were vastly improved overnight, and I felt confident that their staff, board members and parent base would lift that burden on their own from there on.

So then what ?

Well, I got a little carried away with the ALS ice bucket stuff, but shenanigans aside it did resonate within me so I donated to that one.

I also donated a little bit to a comedian whose weekly youtube videos are the most elegant political satire I've seen in years.

Mostly though, I'm interested in the welfare, education and health of children. Cheesy? Sure :-)

So I've given campaign contributions to two local political candidates, one liberal and one not. Though I'm more sympahtetic to the politics of one over the other, I felt that both these do good and honest work for our public school system. Our school system, for which most of our politicians currently seem hell bent on repeating the worst mistakes of "the countries with whom we usually compare ourselves". Our school system which is consequently falling apart.

My two largest beneficiaries, however, have been Save the Children and UNICEF.

None of those contributions were very large.
There isn't much money in icons these days.
But I uphold the principle.

Best wishes for 2015, guys and girls.


  1. I think you rock.
    You are invited to the country for nice people.

  2. I have a suggestion, mate. You should look into Tourette Association of America. They do wonderful things for kids with Tourette Syndrome. They've been working since the early 70's to shine a light on this highly misunderstood illness. Do a little searching and you will find a worthy cause

    1. Thank you , David! I will take that into consideration.

  3. I also support youtube contributer's aswell,political speech videos which is along my own ideal's but unfortunately being chased down by the giant social platforms because they aren't 'regressive' enough, shall we say, for the leftist movement.
    I enjoy the 'Angry foreigner' and along those lines, as the world witnesses Sweden even Denmark pushing for the ultimate social destruction.
    Like yourself again I contribute to children's charities and admire all the hours of work you put into giving selflessly, it was your description in your app section that interested me enough to visit your website and glad I did.
    I don't know if your political views aline with mine, but has research has discovered, those with more conservative views tend to be a lot more charitable than the liberal side.
    Good health.