Monday, 24 February 2014

Sony Z2 pre-thirst

After what seems like a decade of tech blogs stating every January that this is going to be the year that Sony breaks back into the top, they've gone and presented the Sony Z2 smartphone at MWC2014.

And while renders, write-up and hands-on experience can be very different things, the Z2 is the only thing from Sony to make my testicles tingle in any noticable fashion since the Sony Ericsson C905.
(Don't judge me. I'm old, and it was a different market back then.)

Anyway, the Z2 has decent specs, a more than decent camera, and if the Z1 Compact is a herald of things to come, Sony's not currently fucking up the naked Android too badly with their UX.
Besides that, it's waterproof and looks pretty damn good.

A very sharp contender for my summer holiday plaything.

(via Android Police where you'll find additional info and specs as well)

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