Friday, 3 January 2014

Improvised FAQ on Android 4.4 KitKat / CM11 / etc.

"So, Hooolm, are you going to update your Theme Chooser themes for KitKat ROMs ?"

Yes and/or Maybe.

"What's keeping you?"

It depends what direction the major players like CyanogenMod and AOKP take with KitKat. As it stands, most of my Theme Chooser themes are useless with CM11 et al, because the KitKat battery icon isn't composed of images, but generated via code. That code is unreachable via the Theme Chooser, and so are the /layout XML files that might allow me to change the references back to what it was before.

I flash CM11 nightlies on my HTC One to keep track of what's happening, but until at least that changes, I see no point in trying to adapt something like Freehand or LEDed to KitKat.

" about the kanglings in Romania who..."

Yes, I understand that some of the "fringe players" have tried making the battery icon themeable, but I'd need a significant user base (like CM) to target. If I push a version to Google Play saying "Updated for KitKat" , I'm going to have a thousand 1-star ratings from CM11 and AOKP KK users saying, "Heeeey - the battery still looks stock. I can't believe I paid for this ******* **** !!!1!eleven..,,,!"


Nah, but it's beyond my control, and my current focus is on making and maintaining sweet icon packs - primarily because they are fun and because they challenge my creativity rather than my book-keeping abilities :-)