Tuesday, 28 May 2013

HTC One review

This review is a lot longer than I thought it would be, and I won't blame you if you want to skip around a bit. The article is comprised of my take on the main points: Design, Screen, Audio + BEATS, a couple of aspects of Sense. I'm going to dwell a bit on the Camera and then come to a conclusion of sorts. You'll find the main points highlighted in huge lettering, and...well, feel free to scroll to whatever interests you. Okay? Okay. On with it.

I imagine I'll be one of the first non-media individuals in Denmark to do a proper hands on review of the HTC One, since it's as elusive as a pink unicorn in the wild. It's been delayed several weeks in many European countries, while sales reps have had boxes upon boxes of of Xperia Z and Galaxy S4 to throw at customers asking in vain for The One. I've relentlessly teased HTC's public Twitter profile with the hashtag #RetailSuicide, but as I'm finalizing this review, the HTC One has finally become available in broader numbers.